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Real-time Virtual Sonography(RVS)


RVS merges a real-time ultrasound image with a previously acquired CT, MR, PET or ultrasound image. It is useful from diagnosis to treatment and through to evaluation of the treatment program. The Simple Adjust function and touch panel operation facilitates position alignment to enhance user friendliness.

Real-time Tissue Elastography(RTE)

The RTE visualizes stiffness of tissues in real time. It enables observation of relative strain in a ROI.
Now clinical applications of RTE is spreading to the thyroid gland, the liver, urinary organs as well as the breast.

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Prevention and diagnosis of early-stage atherosclerosis enabled by the vessel management system


Flow Mediated Dilatation: FMD
Evaluates vascular endothelial function. Occlude the upper arm for a few minutes, release, and FMD is evaluated from the vessel dilatation caused by the increase of blood flow volume. Changes in vessel diameter and velocity waveforms can be recorded for a long period of time.


Evaluation of arterial stiffness (eTRACKING)
The tracking gate automatically follows the vessel wall movements, accurately measuring the changes in diameter, in real time.
Stiffness Parameter Beta, which is one of the parameters that is automatically calculated, is one of the indexes to show vessel wall stiffness independent of blood pressure.

Leading-edge Approach for Cardiovascular Examination

Traces the endocardium automatically in real time.

Dual Gate Doppler
Enables observation of Doppler waveforms at 2 points in the same heartbeat

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Women's Healthcare

Credible Functions

We would like to propose functions that enable prenatal diagnosis including examination of the fetal heart function and morphological observation. Here is an examination that offers reassurance.

Dual Gate Doppler


Now 3D imaging is an indispensable function in patient care.
The 3D/4D function of ARIETTA 70 can delineate the faces of fetuses more clearly, which is known to enhance fetal-maternal bonding.

Real time 3D


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