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High image quality functions are compactly housed.


Pure Image

“Pure Image” realized by Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) developed by Hitachi using its advanced technologies.
The system architecture (front-end and back-end) and probes are all renewed to enable higher definition images than ever before.

Smart Application

Versatile applications support your examinations and diagnosis. Slim design is materialized based on the needs at the clinical sites. These are Smart Applications intended for performing examinations speedily and accurately.

Pure Image

The decisive factors of high image quality are the probe, an ultrasound sensor, and the digital signal processing circuit.
The circuits employed by [Avius] were totally renewed by collective efforts of the Hitachi group. Beautiful and clear images are pursued with a high-sensitivity broadband probe and Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine).

Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine)

The digital signal processing circuit “Ultra BE” specialized for ultrasound scanners realizes high-level ultrasound beam formation and image processing.

Ultra BE(Ultrasound Broadband Engine)      Ultra BE(Ultrasound Broadband Engine)

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