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State-of-the-art versatility for use

In any clinical setting
For any examination


Since their advent, today's ultrasound diagnostic scanners have progressed to become essential medical devices not only in examination rooms but in other various clinical settings.
The Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner features the ultimate in versatility and adaptability for many clinical applications. With its state-of-the-art functions, Noblus provides the reliability needed for any kind of examination in any setting.

Clear images and advanced functions provide reliable examinations,
irrespective of clinical fields.


The Noblus has advanced features required in various clinical fields. It features Real-time Tissue Elastography* and Contrast Harmonic Imaging* functions, which support detailed evaluations. The Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine) enables these functions. Its powerful transmission and reception capability is built in the compact-size Noblus with excellent performance. The Noblus fully covers diversified clinical requirements from routine examination to detailed analysis.

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