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HI Compound


The Ultrasound beam is transmitted and received in real time and in the multi-directions, and respective images are superimposed. The reduction of speckle noises and the improvement of contrast resolution allow lesions to be clearly observed.



Hitachi's broadband technologies succeeded to widen harmonic signals to the limit and visualize even low-frequency coupling images. This improves resolution and depth sensitivity.


The HI REZ function uses Ultra BE to perform high-speed calculation, extract structures and enhances tissues. This improves a contrast resolution and S/N.

HI Zoom

Automatic setting the optimum scan parameters and the HI Zoom to enlarge images improve both resolution and a frame rate.


With the coded transmission and reception, the deterioration of spatial resolution is restrained and depth sensitivity is improved. The hybrid system Hitachi's advanced realizes the improvement of further penetration.

Trapezoid display


Trapezoid display with a linear probe is now available. This widens diagnostic field-of-view.

Fine Flow

The high-frame-rate and high-definition color display function “Fine Flow” is incorporated. This reduces overflow from the blood vessels and allows a fine blood flow to be displayed.

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