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[Pure Image] For more reliable image quality
[Pure Image] realized by Ultra BE [Ultrasound Broadband Engine] that Hitachi developed fully utilizing it's Hitachi's advanced technologies.
From the probe, front-engine to back end have been renewed allowing high-definition images as never before.

[Super Flex Design] For higher operability
The LCD monitor and control panel can be moved flexibly.
Since “observation” and “operation” are unified, a free operation environment is provided even in any examination environment.

[Pure Image] pursues beautiful and clear images.

The decisive factor of high image quality can be the probe, an ultrasound transducer, and a digital signal processing circuit. [Preirus] of which all circuits are renewed by joining forces of Hitachi group in an all-out effort. Beautiful and clear images are pursued by a single-crystal probe and Ultra BE (Ultrasound Broadband Engine).

Ultra BE     Ultrasound Broadband Engine

Ultra BE

The digital signal processing circuit Ultra BE specialized for ultrasound scanners realizes high-level ultrasound beam formation and image processing.

Single Crystal Probe

Single Crystal Probe

A single crystal is adopted as a piezoelectric element. In the ultrasound probe, the single crystal realizes higher sensitivity and wider broadband than those of the piezoelectric ceramics.

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