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ProSound 6

Backed by the proven technologies of the ProSound series which are reputed for excellent image quality, the ProSound 6 supports high-level echo examination setting the new standard in its class. The system is slim enough for use in a limited space, such as an outpatient consulting room, an examination room, the bedside in the ward, an operating room, etc.

Full Digital System with Priority Given to Image Quality

Clear Harmonic Echo Images

Clear images are displayed by effectively taking advantage of the properties of second harmonics. The Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD) employed in the higher models suppresses multiple echoes and side lobe artifacts to clearly display the genuine tissue.

Clear Harmonic Echo Images

Clear Harmonic Echo Images

AIP (Adaptive Image Processing)

The AIP reduces speckle noises without sacrificing the frame rate, and clarifies the difference of tissues.

AIP (Adaptive Image Processing)-01

AIP (Adaptive Image Processing)-02

Edge Enhancement function

Edges of tissues such as intimate of the carotid artery are emphasized to facilitate IMT measurement for an index of determining atherosclerosis.

Soft image setting

Hard image setting

Free Angular M-mode (FAM)

Free Angular M-mode (FAM)
Fetal heart

Up to three M-mode cursors can be displayed at the same time and it is possible to move and rotate them to efficiently and accurately examine the heart function irrespective of the direction and position of the fetus.
(FAM is available in freeze mode.)

Digital Image Management

Ultrasound images and patient information can be stored and managed in the large-capacity built-in memory. USB memory port is equipped as standard. The data can be stored also on the external CD-R drive.

USB port

CD-R drive

W-SHD (Wide-band Super High Density) Probes


Image quality greatly depends on the performance of the probe. The W-SHD probes have superior performance thanks to the fine cutting of the transducer crystal and the use of multiple matching layers.

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