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ProSound Alpha6

Realizing User Friendliness

Commitment to Reduction of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD)

WRMSD of sonographers is an important issue.
At Hitachi-Aloka Medical, we have conducted validation assuming actual usage of the system and adopted an ergonomic design based on the evidence.
We are dedicated to designing products that alleviates the user's burden and reduce risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Measuring burden
on the muscles

A scene of the

Ergonomic Design Based on the Evidence

The height of the operation panel of the ProSound Alpha6 can be lowered down to 75 cm from the floor. The large leg space enables the examiner to come very close to the panel. This design permits the examiner to operate the system in natural sitting postures.
The result of the comparative verification is that the burden on the examiner's muscles in operation of the ProSound Alpha6 is less than that of our conventional model. The system will alleviate the user's burden and reduces risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

The burden on the examiner during operation reduced by 30% at maximum (compared to our conventional model).


Measured results of reduced muscle strain

Supporting You with Ease of Use

Well-Organized Operation Panel


-  Panel switches: The LED light of a switch changes in color according to the operating status to facilitate the scanning process. Employment of universal design in color is also friendly to the user.
-  Switch layout: The system enhances work efficiency by employing rotary encoders and by arranging the frequently-used switches around the trackball.
We believe the accumulation of small ingenuities leads to the reduction of users' burden higher productivity, and higher level diagnosis.

Smooth, confident examinations are available

Procedures of examinations can be pre-registered in the protocol


-  Parts to be examined, with body marks and annotations
-  Necessary measurements
The registered protocols are displayed on the touch panel, enabling the sonographer to check the progress of examination at any time. Mis-recordings of images are avoided by checkmarks on the acquired/recorded sections and warning messages when the exams are being interrupted.

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