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ProSound Alpha6

Assisting Healthy Births and Wellness of Mothers

Versatile 3D/4D Functions

Real-time 3D (4D) images can be more easily displayed than ever before. Additional useful functions include:
- STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation)
- AVM (Automated Volume Measurement)
- Flow 3D
- Multi-slice Imaging


Fetal profile

Automated Nuchal Translucency (NT) Measurement

Courtesy of
Dr. Marc Althuser, France

Automated NT Measurement will automatically detect and measure NT thickness by setting the region of interest (ROI) on fetal neck's mid-sagittal view. This easy, quick and efficient function enhances accurate detection of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome.

DSD (Dynamic Slow-motion Display)

Left: Real-time image
Right: Slow-motion image

It is possible to display a real-time image and slow-motion images taken from the real-time image at a constant time interval side by side.
This eases observation of objects moving fast, such as the fetal heart, valve leaflet, and regurgitated flows.

Approach to Cardiovascular Examination

Automated IMT Measurement


Automatic extraction of max and mean IMTs are possible by simply setting the ROI (region of interest) on a long-axis view of the vessel. Equipped with an exclusive report function, multiple measurement values for each part and time phase can be listed, making comparison between each of them easy.

Cardiac Function Evaluation

With FAM (Free Angular M-mode), you can set M-mode cursors at any place and at any angle, enabling movements of the heart to be observed from various angles. The TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging) and Strain analysis functions enable evaluation of the myocardium itself.



Early Detection of Atherosclerosis

eTRACKING Analysis

Superb analysis functions, including IMT measurement as well as eTRACKING and FMD (Flow Mediated Dilatation) analysis, assist the evaluation and early detection of atherosclerosis.

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