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ProSound Alpha6

Powerful,Friendly and Compact
The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system embodies our passion towards powerful, friendly, and comfortable examinations.

Small Body with Enhanced Utility

High Performance


The exceptional technologies developed for the high-end modes of the ProSound series are incorporated in the system, delivering outstanding image quality and versatility. The ProSound Alpha6 offers huge potential both as a multi-purpose system and as a specialty system.

Large 10.4" Touch Panel


This small body has a surprisingly large touch panel, which greatly enhances work efficiency. The switches can even be assigned to suit the department or user, and troublesome procedures can be reduced for faster examinations.

A Revolution for the User, Patient and Environment

Patient Friendly


The quietness and round body design minimize the patient's unease with medical equipment.

Environment Friendly


We continue to make every effort to reduce environmental impact by saving resources in producing units and developing power-efficient systems.
This system is designed for the future.

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