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ProSound Alpha7

Supports a Full Range of Contrast Agents

Contrast Harmonic Echo (CHE)

Dual Dynamic Monitor (DDM) Mode:
This mode allows simultaneous display of a fundamental image on the left and a contrasted image on the right in real time.

Capture Mode (CHE):
By retaining maximum brightness of blood flow display for a pre-set period of time and superimposing the resulting images, small blood vessels are depicted with good continuity.

DDM Mode

Capture Mode (CHE)
Courtesy of Prof.
Fabrizio Calliada,
Radiology Department,
Policlinico San Matteo,
University of Pavia, Italy

Abundant 3D/4D functions

  • 3D Automated Volume Measurement (AVM)
  • Multi Slice Imaging (MSI): Multi-planar parallel display function of 3D volume data
  • Flow 3D: Color Flow 3D imaging
  • Multi Planar Reconstruction (MPR)

MSI (Kidney)

MPR (Fetus)

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Examination Tools

eTRACKING (Echo Tracking) can calculate parameters necessary for quantitative evaluation of early stage atherosclerosis automatically at a single measurement.
Various functions including Strain/Strain rate analysis, Asynchrony measurement report and others provide total support from preventive medicine to treatment.

eTRACKING analysis

Strain analysis

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