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ProSound F75 Premier

Continuing to support the ever-expanding clinical applications


ProSound F75 Premier is versatile not only because of the wide variety of probes for particular organs. This compact, specialized system is ideal in respective applications, and comes with measuring and reporting functions to assist diagnosis.

Functions and Analyses to Support Specialized Diagnoses



  • 2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT)
  • TDI Analysis
  • Stress Echo
  • Dual Doppler
  • eTRACKING (early atherosclerosis evaluation package)
  • Automated IMT Measurement
  • CW Doppler using a linear transducer


  • RT-3D (4D)
  • Rendering Mode Mix
  • 4Dshading
  • Spatio-temporal Image Correlation (STIC)
  • Dynamic Slow-motion Display (DSD)
  • CW Doppler using a convex probe





  • Contrast Echo
  • Freehand 3D
  • Flow 3D
  • Automated Volume Measurement

Superficial Organs


  • Real-time Tissue Elastography
  • Extended Field of View (EFV)
  • Trapezoidal View
  • 3D transducer for superficial areas
  • Vascularity

Ultrasound Endoscopes
(Manufactured by Olympus Medical System Corp.)

Convex scanning gastrovideoscope

The convex scanning gastrovideoscopes are designed mainly for endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration. A wide 180-degree ultrasound scanning range and Color Doppler function enable differentiation betweeen blood vessels and lymph nodes and ensure comprehensive imaging of all structures surrounding the region of interest.

image     image

Radial scanning gastrovideoscope

The radial scanning gastrovideoscope covers a wide 360-degree ultrasound scanning range and supports early detection and staging of diseases. This system is equipped with Color Doppler function that is useful for differentiating blood vessels from lymph node by displaying moving objects with color. This function also enables easier orientation in the pancreatobiliary region.

image     image

Convex scanning bronchofibervideoscope

Specifically designed for real-time endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA). With high resolution image quality and high sensitivity Color Doppler, the system allows for safer and more accurate biopsy in the mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes for the diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.

image     image

Convex Scanning gastrovideoscope (forward-viewing)

The forward-viewing scope expands the treatment options for users with a focus on interventional EUS procedures. Its straight channel port provides increased control over endotherapy devices. The narrower 90-degree scanning ultrasound range makes its rigid portion shorter.

image     image

The above endoscopes are not marketed in some countries and areas. Marketable models are different from the above in some countries and areas.

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