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ProSound F75 Premier

Features of ProSound F75 Premier to Reduce Patient Dependency

Full Aperture Apodization (FAA)

Full Aperture Apodization, enabling horizontally asymmetrical apodization, processes signals with all channels driven to remarkably enhance sensitivity for deeper areas and focusing accuracy at both ends of an image. The system offers highly uniform and sharp images with improved sensitivity and resolution to all four corners of the image.

image    image

Tissue Adaptive Technology


Technologies including Automated Sound Velocity Adjustment offer crisp images with enhanced resolution. In a single action, the target is focused with the optimum sound velocity setting.

Clear Transmission Technology (Clear TT)


With the combination of powerful transmission and utilizing transducers with highly efficient energy conversion, ultrasound signals can delivered to the patient with minimum energy loss. The resultant images with greater penetration and Doppler sensitivity, contribute to a more reliable diagnosis.a

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