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ProSound F75 Premier

Natural Ergonomics


For more natural and pleasant examinations

Performing examinations in a natural posture is known to reduce the occurrence of musculoskeltal disorders.
The ProSound F75 Premier with outstanding flexibility of its monitor and operation panel offers stress-free usability FIT for various examination setting.

ProSound F75 Premier enables you to obtain


examination results with fewer user key strokes.

To improve examination throughput, the ProSound F75 Premier features various functions from pre-examination settings to data management after examination.
Operations are simple and intuitive, enabling you to capture the images you need for a quick and in-depth diagnosis.
Quick Setter, Automated Sound Velocity Adjustment, and other image optimization functions support speedy examination in a broad range of applications.

To obtain examination results with simple operation



Imaging conditions you need are set at a single touch of a switch without interrupting the examination flow. Preferred conditions can be registered on the spot according to different
characteristics, such as:

  • Physique and target areas of the patient.
  • Examination purpose e.g. morphological observation and qualitative diagnosis.
  • Blood flow velocity and range in vessel examinations.

Image Optimizer

Images being scanned are quickly adjusted with a single action.


  • B-mode: Brightness is continuously monitored and can be adjusted with a touch of a switch to meet the user's preference. By simultaneously adjusting sound velocity, focus can be optimized as well.
  • D mode: Instant optimization of velocity range,
    which normally requires frequent adjustments.
    An automated base line shift function is also equipped.

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