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Oblique angle

Radiography/fluoroscopy with oblique angle [35°/-35°] is applicable to all sort of examinations.

Oblique irradiation of the X-ray tube assembly is made in the head and foot directions in a range of 35° respectively. It is useful for positioning of overlapped organs and swallowing function study of the patient on the wheelchair in the digestive organ examination.


Tilting operation

Smooth movement of soft start and soft stop gives a sense of security to the patient.

Since speed of titling move can be adjusted in 5-step, it can be adjusted in accordance with the purpose of examination and age of the patient. Even in the upright position 90° and Trendelenburg 90°, available radiographic range is the same in the upper and lower ends of the table, so in either case of upright and Trendelenburg positions, fluoroscopy and radiography can be performed at the low position above the floor level.


Stroke of the imaging unit

Long-stroke of the imaging unit needs no tabletop longitudinal move.

Stroke of the imaging unit is 146cm allowing fluoroscopy and radiography of 188cm with the field-of-view of FPD combined. Wide stroke of the imaging unit allows examinations without moving the patient. Since fluoroscopy and radiography can be performed at the positions 16cm from the upper and lower ends, some institutions use it for urologic examinations as well.


Elevation of the tabletop

“Patient-friendly design” realizing a low tabletop when the patient rides on/off

The table can be elevated in a range of 48~105cm above the floor level. It can be adjusted for riding on/off from the wheelchair and stretcher as well as for various examinations in accordance with the height of the operator.


Clearance around the tabletop

The patient can be easily accessed and cared around the tabletop.

Improved accessibility around the tabletop allows easy care from the back of the tabletop. This is effective in cases where the patient needs support such as examinations for infants.


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