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The advanced 5th generation Flat Panel Detector, “VISTA PANEL”, demonstrates outstanding performance in clinical examinations.

VISTA PANEL, mounted on all series of HITACHI's R/F table systems, has been version-upgraded to the 3rd generation and 5th generation; 17” in size. S/N has been improved by line noise reduction and a double folded dynamic range compared with that in the past.


FPD systems has no distortion and sensitivity fluctuation that were the disadvantages of the R/F table system with an Image Intensifier. In addition, because it allows vision out of the four corners due to its rectangular field-of-view under fluoroscopy, recognition of region-of-interest and positioning can be easily carried out.

VISTA PANEL = 5th Generation FPD

The VISTA PANEL realizes further high-definition image quality by not only securing a wide dynamic range but also suppressing data readout noises.



Size of FPD

You can choose from two different sizes of FPDs depending on your purpose.
   42cm x 42cm
   30cm x 30cm

Detailed fluoroscopy

With Hitachi's VISTA PANEL is capable of acquiring sharp and high resolution fluoroscopic and radiographic images while greatly reducing circuit noise. Specifically, “Detailed Fluoroscopy”, which reads data every one pixel (1x1-pixel) as the radiographic mode does to depict high definition images. This improves visibility of a catheter or implantable devises.


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