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Streamlined features for reproducible examinations and efficient everyday operation.

Ergonomic Design

Succeeds the ergonomic design perfected in our premium models to help you scan more comfortably.1

360°Articulating Monitor Arm

Optimize viewing angle and distance by repositioning the monitor to facilitate examinations in a variety of clinical settings.

figure-1)360°Articulating Monitor Arm

21.5 inch Widescreen Monitor

The LCD monitor’s high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle create a rich representation of the displayed image.

figure-2)Rotating Operator Console

Rotating Operator Console

Swivel the console for more comfortable operation, so that the switch layout matches the angle of your arm.

figure-2)Rotating Operator Console

Adjustable Console Height

Raise or lower the console to ease physical impact and scan in the style that best suits your workflow.

figure-3)Adjustable Console Height


Quickly and easily move the ARIETTA 65 to accommodate bedside examinations, emergency care, or scenarios that necessitate changing rooms. No need to power down the machine before moving it — just unplug the ARIETTA 65 and go. (Possible to scan in battery mode)

1 Suzuki H, Saito T, Shimomura Y, et al. Effects of a vertical console position on operator muscular stress during ultrasonic diagnosis. J Med Ultrasonics. DOI 10.1007/s10396-012-0415-2 .2012

Streamlined Operating Console

Designed to facilitate routine examinations, the ARIETTA 65’s operating console does not just reduce the number of physical keys. Control placement is optimized to prevent unnecessary, complicated, or accidental keystrokes, and the adoption of virtual TGC sliders contributes to the console’s spacious and intuitive layout.

Streamlined Operating Console

Optimized Control Placement

The most frequently used controls are placed around the trackball.

figure-1)Streamlined Operating Console


Switch between imaging parameters optimized for each application and region with just one keystroke.

figure-1)Streamlined Operating Console

Virtual TGC Adjustment

Smoothly and intuitively adjust TGC. TGC patterns can be registered.

figure-1)Streamlined Operating Console

Protocol Assistant *1

Prompts you through the exam following your previously registered protocols and automatically prepares the next tool or window as dictated for each step in the exam. This significantly reduces keystrokes and prevents duplications or omissions in your exam as you store images, take measurements, and add body marks or annotations.

Auto Optimizer

Enhance B-mode and PW-mode images with just one keystroke. Gain values in B-mode, or base line position & velocity range in PW mode, are automatically adjusted.

Gain Adjustment

PW Waveform Adjustment

Cardiac Functions

Equipped with automated tools for faster, smoother cardiovascular examination, building on data acquired by our premium systems.

Automated ED/ES Detection

Automatically displays ED and ES frames in split screen view.

Automated Measurements*1

Automatically measures values used in calculations to assess cardiac function, such as EF.

Automated Sample Gate Alignment

Automatically sets the cursor position of the sample volume gate.

*1 Option

*2 Approximation based on internal study