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Process Control Computer & Device Training

Training Courses

We provide traditional instructor-based training courses that accommodate our customers who use and self-maintain HITACHI Information and Control Systems. The training courses in English are available on on-demand basis, basically held at our manufacturing site in Hitachi-city, Ibaraki, Japan. We offer 13 standard courses listed below, contact us in email( for more details so that we can discuss your requirements of training courses, schedule and estimated cost.

Course Fees

The course fees may be changed depending on numbers of enrollments.
Within the standard enrollment limit, the standard fee is applied. In the case the enrollments exceed the standard enrollment limit, you will be charged additional fees for the extra enrollments.
Exceeding The Standard Enrollment limit: Standard Fee + (Additional Fee) × (Numbers of enrollments - Standard Enrollment)

List of training courses

Course No. Course Name Abbr. Days Standard
Enrollment limit
(Per Person)
1Computer FundamentalsA48




Autonomous Decentralized SystemNX36JPY583,200JPY97,200
3Linux Commands OperationLX-O36JPY388,800JPY64,800


C Language on LinuxLX-C56JPY648,000JPY108,000
5RS90/200 Real-Time ProgrammingRS-R 36 JPY583,200 JPY97,200
6 C Language on HF-WHF-CF56JPY648,000JPY108,000
7HF-W Real-Time ProgrammingHF-R36JPY583,200JPY97,200
8 HISEC-04/R700R700 26 JPY388,800 JPY64,800
9 HISEC-04/R900CHPUR900 26 JPY388,800 JPY64,800
10 MICA MICA36JPY583,200JPY97,200
11HMI Operation for Steel PlantHMI2 6JPY388,800JPY64,800

HISEC : HItachi SEquence Controller
MICA : Modular Integrated Concept Architecture
HMI : Human Machine Interface
G-HIACS : Global - Hitachi Integrated Autonomic Control System

  • Prices include 8% consumption tax.
  • Customers assume travel cost, accommodation cost, and the other expenses cost of the trainings and their instructors.