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"NXAUTO" automobile production process management systems

"NXAUTO" automobile production process management systems

Hitachi's comprehensive expertise helps the automobile manufacturing industry to evolve.

Automobile production line

We consolidate expertise used in automobile production process management systems and support the management and control of the processes of body manufacturing, painting, and assembly at vehicle factories. Approximately 30 systems are operating at automobile manufacturers all over the world, in order to support global SCM.

SCM : Supply Chain Management

Solution map in the automobile manufacturing process

Other solutions with a track record of supplies

  • SEQUENCER : Accurately drafts production sequence plans for automobile manufacturing factories.
  • AirLocation : Controls the storage of completed automobile yards on a real-time basis.
  • POP : Controls production instructions and result collection for the manufacturing process for sub-lines.
  • Unit processing : Controls the casting, forging and processing processes for unit products in a lot production system.
  • Unit assembly : Controls the assembly and inspection process for unit products in a mixed-flow production system.

POP : Point of Production

Product presentation : NXAUTO (Hitachi control system for the automobile manufacturing process)

NXAUTO is a software package that supports the automobile manufacturing process as a core system aiming to ensure Q, D and C - the basics of creative manufacturing.

Effects of the system

< Process control viewpoint >

  1. Ensuring quality (Q)
    Such as appropriate manufacturing by providing production instruction information to the production line
  2. Delivery date observance (D)
    Such as promptly meeting requests about delivery dates from salespeople by online material control
  3. Cost reduction (C)
    1. Increasing manufacturing efficiency (leveling and synchronous production) by converting the manufacturing permutation in the intermediate process
    2. Reducing inventories by providing information about synchronous production and parts supply, etc.

< Factory control viewpoint >

  1. Support by information technology for one-by-one production
  2. Support for worldwide manufacturing control
  3. Supporting "kaizen" and "traceability" by collecting the production status, manufacturing results, quality information, and other information

Technical features

  1. Performing real-time tracking and control on each vehicle, and controlling the specific specifications of each vehicle
  2. Achieving fast real-time control by using unique technology
  3. Controlling conveyor-assisted input and output with consideration given to process constraints, load balance, stock of parts, and other factors

BCR : Barcode Reader
PBS : Painted Body Storage
PLC : Programmable Logic Controller

Purposes of development

  1. To integrate in a package our more than 30 years of experience with automobile manufacturing control systems.
  2. To cover the functions peculiar to automobiles that cannot be fully covered by a universal MES package.
  3. To follow autonomous decentralization technology, industrial standard technology, Web technology, and other advanced technologies.

MES : Manufacturing Execution System