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Community Energy Management System

The entire infrastructure (from communication terminal ~ meter data management (MDM) building to upgrading business system and AMI total solution that realizes optimization of energy use)


Contribute to energy demand optimization by the realization of upgrading marketing and electricity distribution service and visualization of energy demand in addition to the streamlining meter reading service by AMI introduction.
Hitachi participates extensively in AMI demonstration by power companies ~ full-scale introduction with the combination of the information and control technology.


  • Actual result from communication terminal supporting each media to MDM infrastructure building.
  • Realize AMI data utilization upgrading based on years of experience in power system.
  • Provide the visualization and mechanism of demand restraint as power demand countermeasure tools.

Expected effect

Streamlining of the business
  • Streamlining of the meter reading service (Respond to difficult meter reading, improve meter reading accuracy)
  • Realize remote transfer processing (whole abolition / renewal,without visiting field)
Upgrading business
  • New charging menu / energy consulting that suits the life style of the customers
  • Early identification of power outage spot and accelevation of responding inquiry and recovery field work
  • Improvement of distribution equipment management and distribution automation system function by apprehending the status of low-voltage grid
Power demand countermeasures
  • Peak shifting and power saving by appealing to the customers when the supply and the demand is predicament.


AMI:Advanced Metering Infrastructure  DC:Data Collector
MDM:Meter Data Management  ONU:Optical Network Unit
F/W:Firewall  SM:Smart Meter  GW:Gateway