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Environmental Information Solutions

Environmental Information Solutions

The concept of Hitachi Environmental Information Solutions is the superiority of breaking up information granularly. Hitachi carefully takes into account the across-the-board optimization of information systems and the depths of organization/product layers of its enterprise to support the "visualization" of environmental management.

Solution services that Hitachi can provide

Environmental Information Solutions created by the initiatives of the Hitachi Group

Hitachi Environmental Information Solutions was born based on the wide variety of industrial operations in use at the Hitachi Group, which comprise of skilled manufacturing (monozukuri) enterprises and environmental activities performed over 36 years. In 1997, Hitachi began to sell solutions to external corporations, and has introduced various types of solutions to productive enterprises that represent industries in Japan, while fitting in with the evolution of business.
Hitachi is offering optimum solutions to customers, taking advantage of ample know-how based on these achievements, on specialists with thorough knowledge of environmental services and information systems, and on total power as an organization.