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Environmental Information Solutions

Stepping up to an advanced environmentally friendly enterprise

Since environmental management has now been a management indicator, simple "environmental management" that only complies with laws and regulations cannot maintain or enhance corporate value. From now on, it is necessary to tackle "advanced environmental management", actively improve environmental load, and promote environmental performance to the outside.

A wall that makes "environmental management" difficult sits between management and the environmental management section at the worksite.

For "advanced environmental management", company-wide environmental performance information needs to be handled closer to management. In fact, however, does your company lapse into the following? - Does a gap in consciousness between the data collection side and the input side, as well as the manual totaling of an enormous amount of data, interfere with the improvement of environmental performance and force your section to be busy all the time with the preparation of an annual environmental report?

Wall 1: Gap in consciousness between the environmental control division and the worksite
The worksite charged with the submission of data for consistently integrated indicators tends to regard data conversion work, which does not relate to its original operation, as a burden. This hinders active cooperation and causes a delay in data collection.
Wall 2: Load of enormous manual data totaling
At the environmental control division that collects data, a wide range of organization/survey items are summed up manually, so an immense amount of time is required. The use of Excel sheets is likely to cause erroneous input, and corrections in totaling work must be made.

A wall that makes "environmental management" difficult sits between management and the environmental management section at the worksite.

The EcoAssist-Enterprise collects environmental information from every worksite and converts it into environmental performance data, and then sums up and analyzes the data from various viewpoints. This generates the following continuous improvement cycle, for example: the worksite manages the goals and results in monthly units; the environmental control division compares them with company-wide goals and dynamically feeds back new goals; and then management always gets a hold of the situation. Furthermore, each worksite can also apply environmental data to ISO activities. You can take this opportunity to enhance corporate value with company-wide advanced environmental management (Patented product, Patent No. 3966109).

  • The centralization of environmental data increases the availability of data itself.
  • Monthly management delivers the early disclosure of environmental performance.
  • Saving data for five years enhances the management level of environmental data.
  • Goal-result management enhances environmental performance.
  • Automated totaling increases the reliability of data.