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Industry control platform

Web-Based Production Management System for Process Industries ProductNEO/Manage Keys That Turn Information into Management Abilities

An easy-to-use operational infrastructure that allows the sharing of field information to drive corporate management at a higher level of evolution.

ERP keeps corporate operations under overall integrated management to make effective use of enterprise resources, thereby augmenting corporate strength.
Traditional ERP packages, however, have lacked the readiness to precisely adapt to process industry-specific needs and delicate departmental needs.
Then, we have Hitachi's Web-based Production Management System [ ProductNEO / Manage ].
It offers a self-contained package of advanced system integration features tailored to the needs of process industries, including manufacturing management, inventory management, quality control and traceability.
Features include easing the task of customizing displays from user to user and department to department, and resolving the problems of poor handling inherent in packaged products.
Further, [ ProductNEO / Manage ] is also closely linked with MES to allow a company-wide sharing of real-time field production record information.
[ ProductNEO / Manage ] thus boosts often stagnant inter-department work efficiency, driving the work level at a high company-wide level.

[ ProductNEO / Manage ] links a mission-critical system and MES together