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Industry control platform

Manufacturing Management System ProductNEO/Operate Sharing master techniques with everyone

Clear-cut work navigation prevents errors in manual work. Improves work quality and enhances business competitiveness

Manufacturing processes show a mixture of manual work and facility automatic control. In a manual work process, any unclear instruction or procedural error causes erroneous operation and increases the risk of product fault or additional manual work.
The Hitachi "ProductNEO/Operate" manufacturing management system solves these problems.
Work navigation following standard operation procedure (SOP) issues appropriate instructions to inexperienced operators and prevents erroneous operation. ProductNEO/Operate coordinates worksite terminals and the facility monitoring/control system-it achieves collaboration between humans and systems, and automates the collection of results. ProductNEO/Operate also provides real-time interworking with mission-critical systems and production management systems, in order to support total optimization and traceability. With ProductNEO/Operate, Hitachi offers a new type of production worksite that improves work quality and competitive edge.

The [ ProductNEO/Operate ] MES Package achieves collaboration between humans and systems.

ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning
MES : Manufacturing Execution System
SCM : Supply Chain Management
SOP : Standard Operation Procedure