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Information & Control Platforms


Compatible with various operations from sequential to advanced computerized ones

S10mini (CPU : LQP800, 000, 010, 011, 120)

  • The system comes standard with a real-time multitask OS-Compact PMS.
  • The ladder diagram can be extended to up to 28-k steps, and memory expanded to up to 4M bytes.
  • The current operation status of the CPU is displayed on a readable 8-digit indicator.
  • Remote I/O is provided as atandard equipment.
The expanded memory and network module can only be mounted on the CPU.
Left-justify the expanded memory and network module at mounting.
Do not mount input and output modules between the CPU module and the expanded memory or network module.
Model Model
Type LQP800 LQP000 LQP010 LQP011 LQP120
Number of input and output points Standard remote I/O 512 points maximum 2,048 points maximum
When using J.NET 8,192 points
Programming language Ladder diagram, HI-FLOW Ladder diagram, HI-FLOW, C language
Ladder operation processor Special-purpose
Special-purpose LSI
Computer operation processor MC68020 (32 bit, 16 MHz) MC68020 (32 bit, 24 MHz)
Coprocessor for floating point arithmetic None Yes None
Program memory capacity For ladder diagram 28-k steps
C language
Internal memory None 1M bytes 2M bytes
Expanded memory Up to 4M bytes including internal memory
Processing speed Ladder diagram basic instructions 0.075 μs/step
Ladder diagram
applied instructions
300 μs /
on average
230 μs/instruction
on average
180 μs /
on average
For computerized operations Internal memory 1.25 μs/instruction
on average
0.8 μs /
on average
Expanded memory 1.6 μs/instruction on average
Rewriting of the ladder program during running Yes
Clock function None Yes
Remote I/O interface None 2 ports incorporated (1,024 points/port)
Weight 450 g 530 g 550 g 550 g 550 g

Power supply (PS : LQV000, LQV020, LQV100)

  • Common for the CPU and I/O unit.
  • Equipped with a POWER switch to stop and restore the power supply for each unit.
Product name 100 VAC 24 VDC 100 VAC/VDC
Type LQV000 LQV020 LQV100
Power supply voltage 100-120 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz ± 5Hz 24 VDC 100/120 VAC, 100-110 VDC
Range of fluctuations in power supply voltage 85-132 VAC 20.4-28.8 VDC 85-132 VAC, 85-132 VDC
Permissible instantaneous power failure time 10 ms or less 5 ms or less AC:10 ms or less; DC:5 ms or less
Rush current 15 A or less 12 A or less 15 A or less
Power consumption 80 VA 50 W AC:80 VA, DC:50 W
Weight 320 g 320 g 320 g

Expanded memory (MEMORY : LQM000)

  • At a parity check, a single-bit error is automatically corrected before being read.
Product name Expanded memory
Type LQM000
Capacity 1 M bytes
1-bit error correction function *1 Yes
Write protect function Yes
Weight 220 g
Two or more bits that become error-ridden at the same time cannot be corrected.

Mounting region of memory

Type Address
H100,000 H200,000 H300,000 H400,000
Model-L (LQP800) 4 M bytes maximum
Model-S (LQP000) 4 M bytes maximum
Model-H (LQP010) 1M byte inside the CPU 3 M bytes maximum
Model-F (LQP011) 1M byte inside the CPU 3 M bytes maximum
Model-D (LQP120) 2M byte inside the CPU 2 M bytes maximum