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Information & Control Platforms

This flowchart-type programming language allows you to enter the actual action flows of machinery and equipment, and also monitor and debug those flows on entry screens.

The flowchart language is readable and easy to understand. It realizes an efficient programming and debugging environment.

  • By using a mouse, you can program the machinery according to its action procedure. You can easily make entries in the flowchart.
  • In addition to I/O comments, you can flexibly enter control comments in each step.
  • The action monitor enables the status display of stepping positions and waiting conditions of machinery under execution in a flowchart. Debugging and troubleshooting are also easy.

graphic explanation

For designers...

For programming, you need only enter an action procedure for the machine. This significantly shortens the required design time. In a test run of the machine, you can also check its actions one step at a time, thereby permitting quick adjustments.

For maintenance personnel...

S10mini allows you to monitor the steps under action at a glance by displaying the current input status (ON/OFF) of the machiery, thereby facilitating maintenance.

For personnel in charge of correction and modification...

The system displays the actions of machinery in flowchart form, allowing you to clearly understand what the machinery is doing. Unlike the ladder diagram, the system only requires modification of the region concerned, resulting in modification with fewer errors.

For manager...

Programs written in HI-FLOW provide the action specifications as they are. The programs are therefore easy to review and also require shoeter times for consideration.

Examples of applications

By issuing an instruction for "product A" or "product B" from the operation panel, you can direct the processing machine to drill a hole in product A or product B.