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Power Generation Systems

Hitachi's control expertise amply substantiated by the delivery records

  • Japan's largest unit capacity 1,050 MW thermal power plant control system
  • China's largest unit capacity 900 MW thermal power plant I&C system (I&C : Instrumentation and Control)
  • World's largest capacity 400 MW adjustable-speed pumped storage power generation system
  • World's first application of 8,000 kVA inverter to IDF (IDF : Induced Draft Fan)
  • World's first triple-combined coal gasification control system
  • World's first multiple-input PSS applied digital excitation control system (PSS : Power System Stabilize)
  • Digital type turbine control system that has been applied ahead of all other countries in the world
  • World's highest head 700 m class pumped storage power plant control system

High-power operation monitoring and maintenance support system

The advanced monitoring and operation system is achieved through the application of knowledge engineering and human-machine engineering.Besides, improved facility maintenance support is achieved by integrating with a management information system and facility maintenance system.

High-function maintenance tool

Wide range of functions including an integrated maintenance service are available.(e.g. a monitor screen with integrated logic drawing via CAD, a hierarchical control logic structure and simulation and trend functions.)

Large-capacity and high-speed network

Power plant information is integrated through a large-capacity and high-speed real-time network.

Compatible with existing systems

This system is designed in such a way as to incorporate both old and new equipments enabling advanced operation and increased system lifespan by the renewal of existing system components as required.

Greatly reduced hardware circuit volume

Since an autonomous interlock protection function, operating even in isolation of a controller, is included, this represents an intelligent PI/O , which allows the hardware circuit volume to be greatly reduced.

Reduced plant construction cost

The number of field cables can be greatly reduced by the use of a distributed I/O.