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Power Generation Systems

A total operational support solution based on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) designed to simplify the workflow of periodic inspections, routine operations and facility management at thermal and hydro-electric power plants.

Main features

  1. Concentrated facility information, such as facility specifications, repair information collected during periodic inspections and inspection information collected during routine operations, stared in the power plant information database.
    Terminals provide maintenance engineers and operators with relevant informational services to ease their management and adjustment workload.
  2. Power plant facilities, individuals and documents are RFID-tagged for association with entries in the database, making the database readily accessible to field personnel using RFID tags as a key in a ubiquitous information environment.
  3. Inspection, facility repair and worker status are correlated to aid in efficiently implementing such operational support management activities as planning facility repair, each worker's share of job responsibility, and the development of next inspection and maintenance plans based on an insight into trends in deterioration.

Overview of RFID-Based Total Business Support System