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Research & development support systems

We support our customers' maintenance after equipment has been installed.


Our research and development support system is used for various types of equipment, such as large equipment, precision equipment, etc.
Most testing equipment is used for 10 or 20 years, and some is even used for 30 years or more, so aging is a fact of equipment life.
If aged equipment is used as-is, unexpected situations can occur, which can cause stoppage of research and development for long periods of time, and major expenses.
For the research and development support system to always be used in the best condition, it is important that the condition of the equipment be checked from day to day, and that plans for maintenance or overhaul be prepared and carried out before breakdowns occur and before degradation occurs over time.

Maintenance contracts

In order to maintain the research and development support system in the proper operating condition, it is extremely important to carry out periodic inspections and maintenance.
We endeavor to keep the equipment operating in the best condition through a maintenance contract for maintenance and inspection services.

Maintenance patrol services

Service personnel periodically call in to check the operating condition, provide operating guidance, and respond to customer requests, etc.


When a problem occurs during operation and the problem is reported to us, we respond quickly, and service personnel are immediately dispatched to take the appropriate measures.

Preventive maintenance

We endeavor to determine the parts of the equipment that are subject to aging and wear at an early stage so that they do not cause a major accident, and recommend the optimal maintenance plan to allow for maximum utilization of the equipment with peace of mind.

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