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Infrastructure Systems : Hitachi


This page is an introduction to our water treatment projects for overseas water infrastructure.

Introduction to our overseas water treatment projects

Photograph: Introduction to our overseas water treatment projects

We have a lot of experiences as a total engineering and construction of drinking water, sewage and industrial waste water treatment system and do business in Japan and overseas.
In recent years, we have expanded our overseas sales of Membrane Bioreactor System(Sewage treatment systems) and seawater reverse osmosis desalination system (RO) that use membrane treatment technology, and we have begun to enter the recycle water business using our systems.

You can use our technology to move beyond your existing business to pursue new possibilities.

Project examples

We have mainly provided water treatment plant to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central America.
If you click on the yellow region names, you can see references our main projects.

Image: Middle East & Africa Image: Asia & Oceania Image: Central & South America