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Infrastructure Systems : Hitachi


Asia: Malaysia

The sanitation situation in the city and suburbs of Kuala Lumpur had deteriorated due to population increases, so we constructed sewage treatment plants with advanced treatment processes (4 plants) and a sludge treatment facility (one plant).
We not only constructed the facilities, but also transferred technology such as operation methods and maintenance management methods.

In the sewage treatment plants we introduce , our projects made it possible for existing oxidation ponds to be modified as modern sewage treatment facilities, and now cleaner treated water can be discharge into rivers.

Case introduction 1

Equipment summary
Amount of treated water 93,000 m³/day
Population in treatment area 373,000 persons
Treatment method Standard activated sludge
Sludge treatment Thickening - Digestion - Dewatering

[Before construction/existing: Oxidation pond]

Photograph: [Before construction/existing: Oxidation pond]

[After completion]

Photograph: [After completion]

Case introduction 2

Equipment summary
Amount of treated water 25,000 m³/day
Population in treatment area 100,000 persons
Treatment method SBR
Sludge treatment Thickening - Dewatering

[Before construction/existing: Oxidation Pond]

Photograph: [Before construction/existing: Oxidation Pond]

[After completion]

Photograph: [After completion]