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Infrastructure Systems : Hitachi




Power generation

Power transmission and distribution

Services for consumers

Business operations

Smart Grid

Water Environment

Electric systems for water and sewage

Drinking water treatment systems

Sewage treatment systems

Industrial water treatment systems

Introduction to overseas business


Safe and stable transportation solutions

Railway maintenance solutions

Passenger / information service solutions

EV charging solutions

Road infrastructure solutions

Solutions for airport facilities control and energy consumption control


Industrial plant & systems

Steel systems

Pharmaceutical plant & systems

Food and chemical plant & systems

Oil & Gas Business

“NXAUTO” automobile production process management systems

Total Solution for Plant and Factory

Logistics systems

Industrial Machinery Systems

Air Conditioning systems

Electrical machinery control systems

Equipment supply

Industry control platform

Power Electronics

Environmental Information Solutions

Research & development support systems

State-of-the-art products for scientific fields

Information and Control Platforms

Industrial computer


Uninterruptible power systems(UPS)