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Water is an essential natural resource on which all life depends. Some 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, but only about 0.01% of that represents readily potable water.
To date, Hitachi has delivered some 550 water treatment plants, 2,800 sewage treatment facilities, and 900 monitoring and control systems to locations across Japan. Hitachi offers a diverse range of technologies for water treatment systems and their control and operation. By integrating our advanced IT technologies and store of know-how, we create sophisticated intelligent water systems that are improving water infrastructures around the world.

Hitachi's Massive Pumps Support the World's Water Environment

To address the world's uneven distribution of water resources, the role of pumps to move water over long distances has become increasingly important.

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Hitachi Water Projects, Solving Water Problems in a Tropical Paradise

In recent years, tourism and fishing have fueled the nation's rapid economic growth, but water shortages have become a serious problem for Maldives.

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Hitachi Technologies Comprising Intelligent Water Systems

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  • Seawater desalination system
  • Water treatment
  • Sewage water recycling
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Information and control system
  • Sewage treatment

Seawater desalination systems: Countermeasures that safeguard against water shortages

Image  Seawater desalination system

As an early provider of commercial seawater desalination systems, Hitachi has delivered systems to customers in Japan and overseas. We're currently developing technologies to be necessary to desalinate deep ocean water for highly cost-effective applications (e.g., air-conditioning systems that use desalinated water as a cold energy source).

Water treatment: Ensuring a safe and reliable water supply

Image  Water treatment

Working with our group companies, Hitachi develops a comprehensive range of water treatment technologies and gains know-how. We provide the reliable equipment needed, trouble-free water supply at all stages. They are ranging from water intake to water transmission, treatment, distribution, supply, and related instrumentation. The capacity covering full spectrum of equipment is Hitachi's major strengths.

Sewage water recycling: Making effective use of limited water resources

Image  Sewage water recycling

Hitachi proposes various sewage water recycling systems designed for specific applications, including Membrane bioreactor system. Our systems don't simply treat sewage water for safe discharge; they also draw on advanced processing to recycle sewage water to a standard that allows for its use in watering trees and plants and other applications such as toilet water and industrial water.

Industrial wastewater treatment: Strengthening the industrial water infrastructure

Image  Industrial wastewater treatment

Recently, Hitachi has been developing new advanced technologies to meet diverse industrial wastewater treatment needs. We offer a wide range of solutions to the issues above like process wastewater generated by factories and plants. These include physiochemical, biological, membrane, crystallization, and sludge processing systems, as well as pure/ultrapure water production systems.

Information and control systems: Efficient management of water infrastructure

Image  Information and control systems

Hitachi offers information and control systems that enable us to manage broad-ranging data on a real time basic, such as the operating status of water/sewage treatment/water recycling systems and water transmission/distribution rates in individual processes. The information and control systems provide optimization control based on this data to maximize the overall cost-benefit of water circulation systems.

Sewage treatment: Improving and maintaining the water infrastructure

Image  Sewage treatment

Hitachi is highly experienced in the area of sewage treatment—a field requiring a wide range of fundamental technologies—to provide an extensive lineup of sewage treatment systems. These include grit tank facilities, systems that improve combined sewer systems, advanced treatment systems, sludge treatment equipment, and deodorization equipment.

Seawater Desalination and Sewage Treatment Integrated System(Remix Water)

Remix Water

The combination of Hitachi’s water treatment technology, we provide water production system with minimum environmental impact. We will produce high-quality reclaimed water by energy-saving and low-cost from sea water and sewage.

Hitachi Group's Water Environment Solutions

The Hitachi Group adopts a holistic approach to water environment related problems and it utilizes its advanced technological capabilities to address these global issues.This video gives an overview of Hitachi's wide range of worldwide engagements in the water environment sector.[Produced in July 2011]

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