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Hitachi Vision Movie Behind the Scenes

Hitachi Vision Movie Behind the Scenes
  • Inspire Flash Spreads Around the World
  • Hitachi's Vision Chorus
  • Recording at Kahogekijyo

"Inspire Flash" Depicts Hitachi's 320,000 Individuals Reaching Across the Globe and Contributing to Society - Inspire Flash Spreads Around the World


The red line stretching above and to the right of the "Next" in the Hitachi "Inspire the Next" Corporate Statement logo is called the Inspire Flash. In the video, you can see thousands of Inspire Flashes spreading around the world to form urban systems such as transportation and other vital functions that make people's lives better. These Inspire Flashes represent the individual employees reaching across the globe to realize Hitachi's Vision. This is what we wish to express through these visuals.

To make this visual, the creators attempted to throw color chips many times, until each chip flew brilliantly. And, finally, after the scene was shot more than 40 times, the color chips were combined using computer graphics.

Becoming One: Transcending Regions and Cultures Under the Vision - Hitachi's Vision Chorus


Each of the Hitachi Group's 320,000 members needs to embrace the Vision and transcend borders and regions to become a united team. To help make this point, the movie expresses Hitachi's Vision in a vibrant chorus that faithfully incorporates the original English words.

The choral group who sang these words so powerfully was comprised of members from various countries and cultures. A choral group with diverse members is like Hitachi itself. Members of the Hitachi Group promote diversity and transcend different backgrounds to become united as team to realize our Vision.

100 Years of Progress Toward a More Inspiring World - Recording at Kahogekijyo


The recording with the choral group took place at Kahogekijyo, a theater in Iizuka city, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. This two-story wooden theater, designed in a traditional Kabuki style, has a history going back nearly 100 years. Though it has been hit by floods and fires, it has thrived along with its community and inspired audiences.

The Hitachi Group and Kahogekijyo have a lot in common. During its 100 plus years, the Hitachi Group has had to overcome its own challenges while creating products and new technologies that have made people's daily lives happier and more inspired.

We felt a deep affinity with the Kahogekijyo, since it has a history of overcoming various difficulties just like the Hitachi Group. This is why we decided to make the recordings in this theater.