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Corporate InformationAbout Hitachi Group

Basic Credo

The basic credo of Hitachi is to further elevate its founding concepts of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit, to instill a resolute pride in being a member of Hitachi, and thereby to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.
Deeply aware that a business enterprise is itself a member of society, Hitachi is also resolved to strive as a good citizen of the community towards the realization of a truly prosperous society and, to this end, to conduct its corporate activities in a fair and open manner, promote harmony with the natural environment, and engage vigorously in activities that contribute to social progress.

Conduct Guideline

  1. Employees shall at all times behave in line with the spirit of harmony in working together for unity within Hitachi, Ltd. and within the Hitachi Group, and in working towards creating mutual understanding and ties of friendship with the nations of the world.
  2. Employees shall work to ascertain accurately the changing needs of the international community of nations, to develop advanced highly reliable technology and products to answer these needs and to serve customers with sincerity.
  3. Using the pioneering spirit employees shall work to consolidate Hitachi's international technological leadership through original studies, research and development.
  4. While seeking for knowledge everywhere, broadening their perspective and constantly working to educate and improve themselves, employees shall act according to the rule of law and ethical corporate rectitude.
  5. Employees shall at all times observe a fair and orderly competitive concept.
  6. Employees shall give full respect to the value of business and technical information possessed by other companies and at the same time shall be fully conscious of the value of Hitachi's business and technical information, and shall work carefully towards establishing a strict and impartial system of administering such information.
  7. Employees shall strive to comply with laws and regulations relating to foreign trade, bearing in mind that, not only for Japanese industrial circles but for the nation as a whole, the maintenance of international peace and security is indispensable to securing the confidence of people throughout the world.
  8. Members of the management of Hitachi shall, in accordance with these standards of conduct, take the initiative and provide appropriate guidance to their staff, thereby to facilitate the conduct of corporate business affairs, and shall also work towards creating a vigorous working environment in which correct workplace discipline is maintained and employee morale raised.

Code of Conduct

  The Hitachi Group Code of Conduct prescribes specific requirements for all Hitachi Group employees from corporate ethics and compliance perspectives.

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