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Corporate InformationSustainability

Corporate Governance

  • Pursuing Management Efficiency and Transparency
  • Sharing the Hitachi Group Identity
  • Advancing Risk Management on Multiple Fronts

Human Rights

  • Respect for Human Rights Throughout the Value Chain
  • Respect for Workers' Rights

Labor Practices

  • Achieving a Fair and Equitable Work Environment
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion
  • Promoting Occupational Health and Safety
  • A Strategy for Growing Together with Our Global Human Capital


  • Promoting Environmental Management
  • Enhancing Environmental Management on an Ongoing Basis
  • Responding to Environmental Risks and Opportunities
  • Reducing the Environmental Burden of Our Business Operations (Fiscal 2015 Results)
  • Preserving Ecosystems

Fair Operating Practices

  • Promoting Work Practices in Line with International Ethics Codes
  • Engaging in Responsible Procurement

Customers (Consumer Issues)

  • Pursuing Customer Satisfaction
  • Ensuring Accessibility to Products and Services
  • Ensuring Thorough Management of Quality and Safety

Community Involvement and Development

  • Promoting Sustainable Community Involvement and Development

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