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Corporate InformationCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Hitachi's Aims

Corporations interact with a diverse community of stakeholders through their onsite operations. In working toward a sustainable society, modern corporations are expected to recognize the value of community interaction and utilize their operational strengths in actively supporting the local community through projects that bolster involvement and development at the local level.

As a good corporate citizen, Hitachi is carrying out a diverse range of community activities and advancing coexistence with society, such as through youth development, creation of cultural diversity, assistance for local community development, and environmental preservation.

Main Plans and Results

Partially achieved
Partially achieved
Not achieved
Not achieved
Main Plans and Results
Policies FY 2015 goals/plans Results in FY 2015 Achievement level FY 2016 goals/plans
  • Examination and implementation of measures to establish longer-term relationship with communities in which Hitachi operates
  • Plan, implement, and review activities that serve as precedents
  • Implemented research and analysis of in-house activities that serve as precedents
Partially achieved
  • Construct framework for activities
  • Implementation of community support activities
  • Conduct programs by or for Group employees
  • Conduct independent programs in collaboration with Group companies
  • Have each Group company and business unit conduct independent community support programs
  • Group employee volunteers conducted Universal Design (UD) Educational Programs at 38 schools in and outside Japan
  • Held seven Hitachi Science Seminars in collaboration with Group companies
  • Implemented 113 community support programs during Hitachi Volunteer Day—a month of social contributions by the entire Group
  • Continue with independent community support programs of each Group company and each business unit
  • Implementation of policies to cultivate human resources in developing countries
  • Hold 13th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI)
  • Held HYLI in Manila, Philippines, with the participation of 31 university students from seven ASEAN countries and Japan
  • Prepare for 14th HYLI
  • Examine and implement exchange program with students from Asian University for Women (AUW)
  • Implemented internship for one AUW graduate
  • Continue exchange program with AUW

Promoting Sustainable Community Involvement and Development

Hitachi's Approach

Our diverse operations span the globe and involve a wide range of communities. In order to participate in a community, establish a longer-term relationship with it, and contribute to its development, we feel it is important to strategically pursue social contribution activities and to establish sustainable goals. We have formulated a policy on social contribution activities and are carrying out a wide variety of activities across the Group.

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