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Social Contribution Activities

Policy on Social Contribution Activities

Hitachi's Group-wide policy on social contribution activities guides our promotion of a range of socially responsible initiatives. The engine of our various businesses including social innovation is driven not only by Hitachi's efforts to build a relationship with communities as a corporate citizen but also by our employees' flexible mindset and motivation brought about by volunteer activities. We believe that these initiatives enable us to contribute to the development of sustainability in both our business and society as a whole.

As one of Hitachi's global efforts, we introduced the Hitachi Volunteer Day in 2012. To mark the International Volunteer Day on December 5 each year, we set every November and December as a period during which we further encourage our employees to organize and take part in a broad range of volunteer activities to contribute to their communities. In fiscal 2016, approximately 7,540 employees and family members participated in 115 separate activities rooted in local communities, from environmental initiatives carried out together with local residents and students to support for welfare and educational facilities.

These activities are promoted by our Sustainability Promotion Division in conjunction with the CSR and social contribution departments of business units and major Group companies, planning and carrying out initiatives as appropriate to the nature of their business and the needs and challenges of the regions they operate in.

In fiscal 2016, Hitachi and the Hitachi Global Foundation provided 1,953 million yen in funding toward social contribution activities worldwide.

Policy on Social Contribution Activities and Statement

Policy on Social Contribution Activities

The Hitachi Group promotes interactive communication with local society through social contribution activities related to business activities, employee volunteers, and charitable activities in the key fields of human development, the environment, and community support.


"Nurturing People, Connecting to the Future"
The statement was set down to succinctly express and convey the meaning of the policy to as many people as possible.

Key Indicators

Breakdown of Funding for Social Contribution Activities


Japan: Hitachi, Ltd., 134 Group companies, and the Hitachi Global Foundation.
Outside Japan: 159 Group companies.

Classification According to LBG Guidelines

We conduct surveys of social contribution activities across all eight businesses by applying three categories of motivation based on the LBG*1 measurement framework, namely, charitable gifts, community investment, and commercial initiatives in the community.

Hitachi continues to focus on ways to strategically align its social contribution activities with business operations, with efforts toward this end including continued charitable activities and increased community investment across the Hitachi Group.

In June 2016, Hitachi, Ltd., the city of Kamaishi, and the Japan Emerging Business Development Association (JEBDA) agreed to work together to revitalize the community and promote industry in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture. As our contribution to addressing the needs and issues of this regional community, we applied our specialist skills in the field of IT to pro bono activities that have included building websites and upgrading business systems for a local fishing cooperative and seafood processing company.

We also seek ways to use the knowledge and technical skills we have cultivated through our business to develop the human capital that society will need in the next generation. To this end, we work with local governments and educational institutions to implement and expand activities for young people, taking advantage of each Group company's individual characteristics. To date, these activities have included science classes, IT school visits, and hands-on programs using Hitachi products.

Ratio of Social Contribution Activities Based on LBG Guidelines (monetary basis)

Ration of Social Contribution Activities Based on LBG Guidelines (monetary basis)
FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016
Charitable gifts 80% 80% 75%
Community investment 18% 16% 20%
Commercial initiatives in the community 2% 4% 5%
LBG (London Benchmarking Group): An internationally recognized, global network of 114 companies that provides a framework for measuring corporate community investment. Over 300 companies worldwide use the LBG model.

The Hitachi Global Foundation

In April 2015, five Japanese Hitachi foundations merged into the Hitachi Global Foundation. The newly formed Foundation began work on activities centered on three key areas: promotion of academic research, science, and technology; human development; and support for local communities. In fiscal 2016, to accelerate our work contributing to resolving the issues faced by society and responding to societal needs, we began several new initiatives.

Promotion of Academic Research, Science, and Technology: The Foundation awards Kurata Grants to support research taking place in Japan. The establishment of the Kurata Grants system was originally proposed in 1967 by Chikara Kurata, former chairman of Hitachi, Ltd., who hoped to encourage the development of science and technology in Japan. The formation of the Hitachi Global Foundation was taken as an opportunity to revise the Kurata Grants system in response to the changing times, and in fiscal 2016 the Foundation awarded 30 grants to research seeking solutions to social challenges in the three areas of energy/environment, urban development/transportation, and health/medical care.

Human Development: In fiscal 2016, as well as systematizing our Science and Technology Human Resource Development Support Program, the Foundation also launched two new programs. The Hitachi Future Innovator Program is an independently developed, four-month quest-style educational program aimed at fifth-grade elementary school students, cultivating scientific and technical thinking through training in issue-resolution skills. We intend to expand it in fiscal 2017 into a Group-wide social contribution program run with the assistance of employee volunteers. The Female Engineer Encouragement Project is an educational initiative that aims to spark interest in science and engineering among middle and high school girls and encourage them to pursue a career in the field. We also held a symposium and panel discussion on the topic of "Girls in STEM: Embracing the Future."

Support for Local Communities: The Foundation published the inaugural issue of the web magazine Mirai ("Future"). Written to reach a broad audience, Mirai addresses the problems of vulnerable members of society and other challenges from a variety of perspectives to explore solutions, alternative views, and support measures. As a further consciousness-raising activity, we also held a symposium on socially disadvantaged groups and other relevant social issues.

Moving forward, the Hitachi Global Foundation will continue to consider the needs of the times; launch new initiatives aimed at contributing to the problems faced by society; encourage dialogue, workshops, and exchange of opinion among experts; and search for ways to contribute to regional communities.

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