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Environmental Compliance Response

Hitachi considers the environmental burden of all business activities and sets voluntary management criteria that are more stringent than regulatory requirements. We regularly monitor water quality, noise levels, and other conditions at each business site and work to minimize environmental risks. In addition, we take every possible step to prevent problems or their recurrence and to strengthen controls by sharing information on environmental laws and regulations, as well as examples of infringements, throughout the Group.

Actions and Achievements

In fiscal 2016, we received a worldwide total of 12 notices concerning water quality, air quality, or waste matter and complaints about noise or odors. Of these, 6 were complaints from nearby residents regarding noise, foul odor, or construction dust from our business sites. This is slightly higher than the 4 complaints we received in fiscal 2015, but they were all promptly addressed.

Hitachi continues to implement enhanced environmental management in order to prevent repeated or new contamination occurrences.

Global Notices and Complaints

Global Notices and Complaints
Water quality Air quality Waste matter Complaints Other (petition, notification, etc.)
Fiscal 2016 cases 1 2 1 6 2

As part of our measures to address the pollution of soil and groundwater, we are examining the soil and water for any contamination at business sites where hazardous chemical substances have been used. In case contamination is found, we conduct cleaning and monitoring activities until decontamination has been completed.

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