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Promoting Environmental Education

Promoting greater environmental awareness and understanding among our employees is essential to Hitachi's effort to energize its environmental activities. Toward that end, we are advancing our environmental education. Hitachi Group training is being implemented for all Group employees, from newly hired workers to working-level employees. They are provided with basic environmental education, as well as courses on environmental risks and compliance with environment-related laws and regulations.

Actions and Achievements

At Hitachi, we provide basic environmental management courses for employees working in air, water, and waste management, as well as training in recent amendments to laws and operational procedures. We are also strengthening similar courses designed for working-level employees who work outside of Japan. Accordingly, in fiscal 2016, 21 people from 9 companies took part in a training program that was hosted in Ayutthaya, Thailand, in February 2017, and a program in Amoy, China, in March 2017 attracted 57 people from 37 companies.

In order to complete our response to ISO 14001: 2015 within the three-year transition period, explanatory meetings for the internal auditors of the Hitachi Group were held to deepen understanding of the revisions. In fiscal 2016, the explanatory meetings held in Japan (in June and August) were attended by 99 internal auditors from 43 Group companies, while 74 internal auditors from 49 Group companies attended the meeting in Nanjing, China (in September). Furthermore, 16 internal auditors from 15 Group companies attended the US meeting in Dallas (in June) to deepen their understanding of the revision. In addition to Hitachi Group training, individual companies and units provide education tailored to their own business area. For general education, we offer Internet-based e-learning courses in Japanese, English, and Chinese to familiarize all employees with our Environmental Vision and long-term environmental targets called Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050. To date, 142,012 employees worldwide have taken this course.

Environmental Education and Training System


Next Steps

From fiscal 2017, we will continue with environmental education training across our global operations to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff in charge of factory management. Since the general e-learning course is a three-year program, we will encourage more employees to take the course with the aim of familiarizing them with our Environmental Vision and Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050.

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