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Hitachi's Aims: Developing Efficient and Transparent Corporate Governance

"Sustainability management" is expected to play an array of roles in realizing a sustainable society, a key component of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—the centerpiece of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the United Nations in 2015. We believe that meeting society's expectations requires a corporate culture that unfailingly contributes to the resolution of social issues through the creation of products and services and that ensures ethical and fair business activities.

We are cultivating a self-directed corporate culture where CSR perspectives are reflected in management decision making and a common identity is shared throughout the Hitachi Group. In addition to pursuing greater management efficiency and transparency, we have identified the main themes of this effort as sharing our Codes of Conduct and values throughout the Group and promoting multifaceted risk management. In these ways we are accelerating the development of corporate governance that incorporates CSR into our decision making and operations across our business activities.

Fiscal 2016 Overview of Activities

In fiscal 2016, we made a Group-wide effort to enhance compliance, reorganizing our global compliance structure and expanding the Hitachi Global Compliance Program (HGCP). We are promoting further collaboration with our suppliers to strengthen our business continuity plans (BCPs) throughout the supply chain.

Main Plans and Results

Sharing the Hitachi Group Identity

Partially achieved
Partially achieved
Not achieved
Not achieved
Main Plans and Results:Sharing the Hitachi Group Identity
Policies FY 2016 goals/plans Results in FY 2016 Achievement level FY 2017 goals/plans
Establishment of corporate ethics, strict compliance with laws and regulations Enhance Group-wide compliance framework globally
  • Appointed global compliance officers
  • Held various compliance meetings and committee sessions and communicated CEO's message
  • Expanded HGCP for Group-wide implementation
  • Enhance Group-wide compliance framework globally through deepening of the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct and HGCP
  • Fully launch global compliance structure
  • Ensure thorough pursuit of business in line with expanded HGCP
  • Further improvement of compliance reporting system
Instilling of the Hitachi Group Identity in employees
  • Realize the Hitachi Group Vision by further instilling the Group Identity in employees, raise employee awareness to achieve the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan
    • (1) Provide training worldwide to promote understanding of the Hitachi Group Identity and Hitachi brand value
    • (2) Implement "Inspiration of the Year Global Award (IYGA) 2016"; foster and utilize brand ambassadors
    • (3) Hold brand-training sessions
  • Published the revised Hitachi Brand Book
  • Developed brand teaching materials in the Americas and held webinars
  • Implemented IYGA 2016 (winners selected from among 212 entries)
  • Issued Hitachi Brand News
  • Held brand training sessions
  • Make ongoing efforts to instill the Hitachi Group Identity (to enhance brand recognition and induce action)
    • (1) Launch brand awards conferred by the president
    • (2) Provide training worldwide to promote understanding of the Hitachi Group Identity and Hitachi brand value
    • (3) Make use of the Hitachi Group Identity movie

Pursuing Management Efficiency and Transparency

Hitachi's Approach

We not only strive to ensure the legality, soundness, and transparency of our business but also endeavor to respond rapidly to constantly changing economic and social conditions and efficiently conduct operations. At the same time we are bolstering management oversight and monitoring capabilities and clearly defining managerial responsibilities with a view to sustainably enhancing our corporate value by forging ever-stronger corporate governance.

Worldwide social and environmental megatrends, such as population growth and climate change, have reached a point in recent years where they are having a bigger impact on corporate management decisions. As a global company that contributes to society through our Social Innovation Business, we are working to ensure that environmental and social issues are at the heart of decision making at the highest levels of corporate governance.

We give great importance to management efficiency and transparency and appropriate organizational control and are firmly maintaining and reinforcing a management structure enabling us to strengthen our efforts to fulfill our social responsibilities on multiple fronts, such as through proper information disclosure and tripartite audits.

Sharing the Hitachi Group Identity

Hitachi's Approach

We carry out our business not only in full compliance with legal requirements but also in ways that ensure socially responsible conduct. Spreading understanding of this among all Hitachi employees is a fundamental management issue. As economic activity becomes increasingly borderless, there is a growing need for steps to eradicate bribery, corruption, and other illegal behavior in accordance with conditions in the countries and regions where we have operations. As a global company, we are implementing a consistent compliance structure across the entire Hitachi Group.

In pursuing sustainable management, we give equal importance to value creation that contributes to the resolution of social issues. This is being advanced through the dissemination and sharing among all employees of the Hitachi Group Identity—an integrated set of principles spelling out our management vision, Codes of Conduct, and values.

As our operations expand across the globe, our supply chain, too, is globalizing at an accelerating pace. This demands that we fulfill our social responsibilities not only as a Group but also in working with business partners. We thus conduct compliance risk surveys in every region, in addition to implementing export-import controls and inspecting the content of transactions so as to ensure normative conduct—free of complicity in any illegal behavior—throughout the supply chain.

Advancing Risk Management on Multiple Fronts

Hitachi's Approach

Changes to our operating environment from such factors as the globalization of the economy and advances in and spread of information and communications technology (ICT) lead not only to the expansion of business opportunities but also to the diversification of risks to our operations.

We have built a diverse risk management system under which we carry out risk analysis to accurately gauge ongoing economic and social changes and use the insights gained to take preventive measures and ensure a rapid response to issues that may arise unexpectedly.

Particularly in recent years, as a company deeply involved in infrastructure projects in countries and regions around the world, we take note of the discussions at meetings like the World Economic Forum on such international risks as the unending series of terrorist attacks, the increasing severity of abnormal weather conditions, global-scale climate change, and the growing scale and sophistication of cyberattacks.

We are reinforcing business continuity plans (BCPs) and further tightening our information security to ensure the stable supply of our products and services and to prevent threats to our networks that could severely disrupt business operations. We will continue to reinforce our risk management on a Group-wide basis and make thoroughgoing efforts to minimize risks to society from our operations.

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