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Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Respecting the Rights of Employees

The Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct were approved by the Senior Executive Committee to specify the standards of behavior applicable throughout the Hitachi Group. It calls for the upholding of the fundamental human rights of employees, in line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

In Japan, where labor unions are recognized, for example, we espouse the three fundamental rights of labor unions (to organize, to bargain collectively, and to act collectively) as seen in the collective agreement between the CEO of Hitachi, Ltd. and the representative of the Hitachi Workers Union.

Notification of Work-related Transfers and Reassignments

The collective agreement between Hitachi, Ltd. and the Hitachi Workers Union states that any transfer or reassignment of an employee for work-related reasons should adequately take into consideration the situation of the employee, as well as requiring the company to promptly inform the Hitachi Workers Union of the decision. More specifically, in cases of large-scale transfers or reassignments, the company will consult with the labor union regarding the basic issues involved.

Cooperating to Improve Health and Safety

Hitachi and the Hitachi Workers Union are dedicated to improving health and safety levels through employee-management cooperation. This includes signing a collective agreement on the promotion of, among other things, health and safety mechanisms, a health and safety committee, education and training programs, and health checks for employees.

The committee works to ensure a healthy and safe work environment through initiatives that include planning and tracking health and safety activities each year, reviewing measures to prevent industrial accidents, and sharing information on whether employees have received their annual health check-ups.

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