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Occupational Health and Safety

Fundamental Idea for Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of all employees is the basic principle underlining the Hitachi Group Health and Safety Policy. This policy is shared by all Hitachi Group companies around the world. Employees work together to create safe, secure work environments that aim to be accident free.

Hitachi Group Health and Safety Policy


"Health and Safety Always Comes First."


In accordance with our mission, "Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products," the Hitachi Group will endeavor to ensure safe and healthy workplaces under the principle of "Health and Safety Always Comes First."

To accomplish this, we will:

  1. Continually be involved in health and safety activities in order to prevent work-related injuries and sickness by designating the health and safety of employees as management's top priority.
  2. Comply with the local laws and regulations in each company regarding health and safety.
  3. Develop a safe and comfortable work environment by encouraging employees to maintain their own health and taking a proactive stance on health and safety activities in the workplace.
  4. Require an understanding of Hitachi's principle and the promotion of health and safety awareness from all business partners of the Hitachi Group.
  5. Contribute to the creation of a safe and pleasant society by emphasizing activities that make health and safety a top priority in all of Hitachi's business activities.

Revised November 2013

Framework for Promoting Health and Safety

Hitachi views occupational health and safety as vital preconditions for advancing our business. Manufacturing and maintenance are particularly accident-prone lines of work, and we have around 36,000 employees performing work of this type in Japan. We promote a range of Group-wide occupational health and safety activities that include preventing workplace accidents by setting and applying minimum safety standards to be observed by Group manufacturers around the globe as well as taking additional measures tailored to the specific conditions at each company. We respond quickly when an accident occurs, using incidents to make improvements and boost our levels of health and safety management. Furthermore, we foster understanding of work procedures and workplace hazards in newly hired employees and temporary workers by providing health and safety training in advance along with guidance in the workplace.

In accordance with Japanese law, a health and safety commission—composed of company representatives, labor-union officials, and employees—is convened every month to discuss and share information related to such issues as workplace accident causes and countermeasures, the situation regarding employees who have taken sick leave, and other points of concern. In 2016, we recorded one fatal workplace accident in Japan and two in the rest of Asia.

In fiscal 2011, we introduced the Hitachi Group Key Safety Management Designation System. This initiative tracks key safety management improvements at Hitachi Group companies and business sites in Japan that have experienced serious work accidents. Under the leadership of top executives, these companies and business sites take on management-driven and bottom-up initiatives to formulate and promote specific improvement plans. We are also reshaping the Group's safety management framework and introducing targeted safety meas­ures, including extensive investigations of the cause of serious accidents, reviews of risks to reduce potential accidents, and engagement of third parties with a high level of health and safety expertise to diagnose safety issues.

Key Indicators

Occupational Accident Rates

Graph of Occupational Accident Rates (Click the link below for this data in table format.)

Occupational accidents are defined as those involving fatality or work-time loss of more than one day. Hitachi Group figures for Japan, including Hitachi, Ltd., are for 175 Group companies in 2012; for 195 Group companies in 2013; for 251 Group companies in 2014; for 240 Group companies in 2015; and for 200 Group companies in 2016.
Hitachi Group's Global Safety Figures (Occurrence rate*1)
Hitachi Group's Global Safety Figures(Occurrence rate *1)
2014 2015 2016
Americas 2.25 4.35 6.41
Europe 3.34 2.02 5.07
China 2.38 2.10 1.26
Rest of Asia 1.65 0.80 1.72
Other 20.53 22.05 7.74
Japan 0.53 0.42 0.35
Global total 1.23 1.21 1.33
Occurrence rate is the rate of workplace accidents per 1,000 directly contracted employees resulting in fatality or work-time loss of more than one day.

Sharing Health and Safety Information in the Hitachi Group

We built the Hitachi Group Health and Safety Portal System in 2012 to ensure that every Hitachi Group company in Japan can track the health and safety performance of the entire Hitachi Group.

Group-wide information on work accidents is registered in the system so that companies can track causes and see what preventive measures have been initiated. To help prevent recurrences, statistics are kept on types of accidents. Since 2014, we have carried out initiatives to share information on workplace accidents globally, including one that tracks and provides feedback on accidents occurring at Group companies outside of Japan.

Once a year we hold the Hitachi Group Health and Safety Research Presentation Meeting for Hitachi health and safety officers. The 60th gathering, held in November 2016, attracted around 160 participants, who shared newfound knowledge from case studies and heard special lectures from outside experts on ways to improve health and safety activities at companies. Around 80 occupational healthcare workers, including physicians and public health workers, participated in the 16th Hitachi Group Industrial Health Conference in March 2017. Participants presented research results, shared information on methods for improving occupational health programs at business sites, and discussed training approaches for relevant healthcare workers.

The Hitachi Group Health and Safety Award Program

We have implemented the Hitachi Group Health and Safety Award Program to recognize Group companies in Japan that extend their accident-free records or that receive prizes for health and safety from external organizations.

Initiatives to Improve Employee Health

Health is the foundation for being able to work with energy and peace of mind. The fundamental principle of the Hitachi Group Health and Safety Policy is that "Health and Safety Always Comes First."― Based on this principle, we are engaged in efforts to maintain and improve the health of employees.

In Japan, occupational healthcare workers, human resource departments, and the Hitachi Health Insurance Society work together to provide a range of health support and appropriate health management in accordance with Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Act.

In Ibaraki, Tokyo, and Kanagawa Prefectures, where many Hitachi Group business sites are concentrated, a system of health-management centers has been put in place, staffed with occupational doctors, nurses, and other occupational healthcare personnel. The center supports the health maintenance of employees by providing them with health guidance based on periodic health checks and other examinations to prevent serious disease, while also offering medical interviews and advice to employees working long hours to head off mental and physical disorders. We are also taking steps to raise health awareness through consultations that can help relieve employees' health concerns and promote regular exercise.

In December 2015, revisions to Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Act took effect, requiring businesses of 50 or more employees to put in place a stress-check system. We are proactively implementing stress checks at all business sites in Japan—even those employing fewer than 50 employees, which are only required to make efforts toward compliance—to promote awareness of stress among all employees. Group analysis results from these stress checks will also be used by workplace health and safety committee members, occupational healthcare workers, and human resource departments to improve workplace environments. In combination, these efforts are expected to help prevent mental health issues and revitalize workplaces. Recognizing that an understanding of basic mental health and stress coping skills is an effective preventive measure, we also conduct regular e-learning and other training sessions for our employees, including temporary workers.

Hitachi's efforts in this area were recognized under the 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, in the large enterprise category (White 500).

Health committee members and healthcare workers discuss environmental improvement measures with HR staff.

Hitachi was recognized under the 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program.

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