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Corporate InformationCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Hitachi's Aims

Our society faces a wide range of problems, including global warming, poverty, and social discrimination, and demand is growing for corporations to address these problems.

To meet these expectations, Hitachi is integrating its management and CSR, incorporating CSR into routine business practices throughout the organization and improving the quality of management by implementing the PDCA cycle. By communicating with our stakeholders, we are affirming our relationship of trust with society, and by sharing values with stakeholders, we will aim to achieve both the sustainable development of society and our economic growth as a global company.

Enhancing CSR Management

Hitachi's Approach

We are building our CSR policy on a framework based on ISO 26000 to promote activities that are consistent throughout the Group, actively organizing global CSR meetings and undertaking initiatives at the national and regional levels, with the aim of building and developing a global, Group-wide CSR network. We attach importance to information disclosure, on which communication with stakeholders is based, and are responding to stakeholder needs through the Hitachi Sustainability Report, containing standard disclosures defined in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

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