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Hitachi's Aims: Improving the Quality of Management Through Integration with CSR

Our society faces a wide range of problems, including global warming, poverty, and social discrimination, and demand is growing for corporations to address these problems.

To meet these expectations, Hitachi is integrating its management and CSR, incorporating CSR into routine business practices throughout the organization and improving the quality of management by implementing the PDCA cycle. By communicating with our stakeholders, we are affirming our relationship of trust with society, and by sharing values with stakeholders, we aim to achieve both the sustainable development of society and our economic growth as a global company. Senior management will play a leadership role in advancing measures to contribute to the resolution of global-scale societal issues through our business operations.

Fiscal 2016 Overview of Activities

In fiscal 2016, we prepared to set up the Executive Sustainability Committee, and the new framework was launched in April 2017. We are continuing to hold global and regional CSR meetings to share our CSR activities on a worldwide basis.

Main Plans and Results

Continuous Enhancement of CSR Management

Partially achieved
Partially achieved
Not achieved
Not achieved
Main Plans and Results:Continuous Enhancement of CSR Management
Policies FY 2016 goals/plans Results in FY 2016 Achievement level FY 2017 goals/plans
Pursuit of management strategy incorporating CSR into organizational activities through structural and governance-related measures
  • Promote CSR activities throughout the corporate division
  • Shared each division's latest activities at CSR Promotion Team Meeting (brand communication strategy in achieving 2018 Mid-term Management Plan; 2016 R&D strategy; workstyle reforms; and revision of compliance regulations)
  • Formulate fiscal 2017 CSR Activity Plan and share results
  • Promote understanding of CSR among senior management
  • Deliberated and approval granted for long-term environmental targets by Senior Executive Committee and Board of Directors
  • Proposed launch of Executive Sustainability Committee from fiscal 2017 to the CEO, and received approval
  • Hold lectures on sustainability for senior management at Executive Sustainability Committee
Development of CSR network on Group-wide, global basis
  • Hold Hitachi Group CSR meeting in each country and region
  • Held regional CSR meetings in India, Europe, and Australia
  • Hold Hitachi Group CSR meetings at six locations
Improvement and enhancement of management quality through the PDCA cycle based on third-party assessments
  • Have DJSI World select Hitachi, Ltd. for its index
  • Bolster response to global assessment
  • Hitachi Ltd. selected by DJSI eight years in a row
  • Took measures in response to CDP criteria for climate change and water, as well as for supply chain
  • Responded to EIRIS, MSCI, and Sustainalytics
  • Implemented analysis of required disclosure levels and shared results with relevant parties
  • Continue with bolstered response to the global assessments by DJSI, CDP, EIRIS, and MSCI
Promotion of company-wide CSR awareness through education and volunteering
  • Promote Hitachi Volunteer Day
  • Advocate employee volunteer activities
  • Inspected activities implemented on Hitachi Volunteer Day, and collected and tallied data
  • Resumed distribution of e-mail newsletters to employees
  • Implement Hitachi Volunteer Day
  • Implement employee-participatory social contribution program, such as the "Buy and Help Society! Bazaar"
  • Facilitate worldwide environmental e-learning (fiscal 2016 version) in Japanese, English, and Chinese
  • Implemented Hitachi University, Hitachi's e-learning system, with more than 140,000 enrolling
  • Continue to promote enrollment, as courses last for three years
  • Facilitate worldwide CSR e-learning (revised version) in Japanese, English, and Chinese
  • Implemented Hitachi University, Hitachi's e-learning system; more than 120,000 enrolled
  • Add CSR to items covered in training for employees at various levels
Communication with stakeholders through information disclosure
  • Publish integrated report, sustainability report, and company outline and structurally reinforce the project team for next year's publications
  • Obtain feedback from stakeholders
  • Published Hitachi Integrated Report 2016, identified key issues, and reviewed items for publication in 2017 edition
  • Published Hitachi Sustainability Report 2016 and revised website; considered items to be disclosed in light of GRI Standards and analysis of required disclosure levels for 2017 edition
  • Expand scope of information disclosed based on GRI Standards and analysis of required disclosure levels

Enhancing CSR Management

Hitachi's Approach

We have been building our CSR policy on a framework based on ISO 26000 to promote the integration of our management and CSR. In 2017, we reorganized our Group-wide sustainability structure by launching the Executive Sustainability Committee, whose members are Hitachi's senior executives and the CEOs of various business units. The committee is playing a central role in advancing Hitachi's sustainability strategy. In addition, we are actively organizing global CSR meetings and undertaking initiatives at the national and regional levels, with the aim of further strengthening our global, Group-wide CSR network. We attach importance to information disclosure, on which communication with stakeholders is based, and are responding to stakeholder needs through the Hitachi Sustainability Report, meeting disclosure requirements of the GRI Standards.

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