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Social Contribution Activities

To raise employees′ awareness about environmental issues and promote social contribution activities globally, Hitachi has designated the whole June as "Hitachi Environment Month" in considering World Environment Day on June 5 established by the United Nations. Our environmental activities carried out by Hitachi Group companies in Environment Month were listed below.

Environment education

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Country Title of activity Date Business Sites and Group Companies Detail
America Waupaca Foundry, Inc. supports Eco Park Education Center Sep 10, 2016 Waupaca Foundry, Inc.
America Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce Program. New Green Space Jun 21, 2016 Hitachi Powdered Metals (USA) Inc.
America Hitachi Environmental Open House Jun 28, 2016 Hitachi Cable America Inc. In celebration of Environmental Month, Hitachi Cable America Inc. Automotive Division in New Albany, Indiana, held an open house with local manufacturing and construction companies to discuss environmental sustainability. The focus was the production of hybrid electric vehicle parts and the activities conducted by the site to improve environmental sustainability. A short presentation was given followed by a factory tour. A total of 23 people attended, representing 17 companies.
Thailand Environment treatment Knowledge for Community Jun 29, 2016 Hitachi Chemical Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Gateway Factory 2) Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) Committee and Hitachi Chemical Asia (Thailand) holding EHIA certificates had a project for developing knowledge of nearby people on environment. This project was not only effective for developing knowledge of people, but also for establishing good communication with people, which is vital for a sustainable development of a company.
India Environmental education in world environmental month Jun month Hitachi Hirel Power Electronics Pvt Ltd 1. Environment themed drawing and essay competition for employees’kids.
2. Screening of Environment themed movie – Wall E. Post the movie saplings were distributed to interested employees.
3. Environment related daily Thoughts mailers."


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Country Title of activity Date Business Sites and Group Companies Detail
America Activity for removal of Non-Native invasive plants Apr 23, 2016 Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc
Philippines Mangrove Seedlings Collection and Planting Jun 22, 2016 Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Philippines Corporation
Thailand Let's support each other to be a Green Factory Jul 22, 2016 Hitachi Automotive Systems Asia, Ltd. Gateway Industrial had arranged a Green Factory promotion project, which corperated by all factors. The project was to take care all trees and plants around industrial area and also grow some plants to increse green area, together with enviromental conversation.
Thailand We will grow up together Jun 15, 2016 Hitachi Chemical Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Ayutthaya plant) Ayutthaya, Thailand is located in the tropical zone where it is typically hot throughout most of the year. As trees provide welcome shade, the company decided to plant trees to provide resting areas and add green space in the industrial area. Moreover, the fruit-bearing mango trees planted have grown to bear sweet mangoes to the delight of employees working at the factory.

Cleaning activities

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Country Title of activity Date Business Sites and Group Companies Detail
America Clean Bishop Creek Jun 22, 2016 Hitachi Computer Products (America), Hitachi Data Systems International Distribution Center