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[2015 Hitachi Environment Month]
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Products (Thailand) Green Curtain Activity for Green Factory

June 5, 2015

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Hitachi Chemical Automotive Products (Thailand) has been creating Green Curtains since 2010 as one of environmental activities. All members are separated into small groups and make Green Curtain in their areas. In 2015, we started it on World Environment Day. This activity gives benefits such as a relaxing environment, reducing the temperature and saving energy.

Moreover, we have been sharing this activity with the community since 2012. We would like to raise children's environmental awareness. In 2015, we selected one school in the eastern border of Thailand which was the fifth school that we introduced this activity. We are very happy to see our environment activity expand into the community.


Left : Kick off HCAT Green Curtain activity on World Environment Day 2015
Right : Kick off Green Curtain activity at the school

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