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[2015 Hitachi Volunteer Day] Bat Counting Activity

December 22-23, 2015

  • Environment

In collaboration with Ecology Center of Subic Bay, HTMP has conducted the bat counting. The average counted bats is 3,122.

This is done to determine the count of giant fruit bats. Bats are important part of Subic Bay Forest as these creatures dispersed seeds which eventually turn into trees. Subic Forest is a national forest protected area and one of the few remaining undisturbed forests in the Zambales biogeographic zone and one of the few surviving forests on Luzon.

In this year, "Roost Count" method was done where counting was done while bats are still resting/sleeping on trees. We have been participating in bat counting since 2011.

Buts resting on a tree

Buts resting on a tree

Staff counting buts

Staff counting buts

Business Sites and Group Companies Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Phils. Corp. (HTMP)
Organizer Ecology Center
Location Naval Magazine, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
No. of staff participated 8 members
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