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[2015 Hitachi Volunteer Day] Hitachi Food Drive in North America

December 15, 2015

  • Community support

Hitachi North American Food Drive started in 2000 and it was 16th year to partner up with local food banks and other NGOs to fight against local hungers.

Each participated Hitachi location have activitiesto promote donations of food and/or cash from its employees.

55 Hitachi locations with 8,340 employees in US and Canada participated 2015 Food Drive and donated 13,264kg of food and 212,507 USD to partnered organizations.

Sorting donated foods for delivery

Sorting donated foods for delivery

Business Sites and Group Companies Hitachi Group companies in North America
Location 55 Hitachi Locations in North America
Number of Participants 8,340
  • CSR
  • Hitachi Group Environmental Activities
  • The Foundation in Hitachi Group