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Social Contribution Activities

[2015 Hitachi Volunteer Day] Building birdhouses and installing them in the local community

November to December 2015

  • Environment

As an initiative for environmental conservation activities, Clarion Hungary Electronics Kft. built birdhouses using scrap wood and installed a total of 40 birdhouses on its premises and at 11 neighboring kindergartens and elementary schools. This was a hugely worthwhile activity, as building these birdhouses brought staff employees closer, gave considerable support to environmental protection, and resulted in children happily feeding birds and carrying out rearing activities, etc. As an expression of gratitude for this activity, there was a nice surprise as children gave several paintings of the birdhouses as presents.

The entire birdhouses and staff

The entire birdhouses and staff

A painting which is presented by children

A picture which was given as a token of gratitude by a child

Business Sites and Group Companies Clarion Hungary Electronics Kft.
Location Clarion Hungary Electronics, suburban elementary schools and kindergartens
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