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Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution CampaignSocial Contribution Campaign

Hitachi Volunteer Day

To mark the International Volunteer Day on December five each year, we set every November and December as a period during which we further encourage our employees to organize and take part in a broad range of volunteer activities to contribute to their communities.

Human development

  • “Hitachi Science Classroom for Children” booth held at Tsuchiura City Industry Festival

  • “Chemistry is amazing! 2016 fall edition”- experimental classroom held on Chemistry Day (October 23rd) to give physical experience of the interesting nature of chemistry -


  • Collection of water plants drifting ashore on Lake Inawashiro

  • Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System: “Shizuoka’s traditional tea-grass integrated system”

Community Support

  • School visit by Kashiwa Reysol players:“Let’s try Reysol Special Course”

  • Weekend Volunteer Activities in Xi’an : One Day at The Xi’an District Development Support Center for Children

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Hitachi global lights-off campaign

Hitachi participated in "Earth Hour" conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and turned off its signboards illumination, etc.

Hitachi Environment Month

To raise employees’ awareness about environmental issues and promote social contribution activities globally, Hitachi has designated the whole June as "Hitachi Environment Month" in considering World Environment Day on June 5th established by the United Nations.

  • Waupaca Foundry, Inc. supports Eco Park Education Center

  • Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce Program. New Green Space

  • Activity for removal of Non-Native invasive plants

  • Mangrove Seedlings Collection and Planting

  • Clean Bishop Creek

Hitachi Environment Month
  • CSR
  • Hitachi Group Environmental Activities
  • The Foundation in Hitachi Group