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Social Contribution Activities

In line with the "Hitachi Group Identity," "Hitachi Group CSR Statement and Mission," and "Hitachi’s CSR Management Framework," the Hitachi Group promotes social contribution activities based on the policy on social contribution activities shared by the entire Group.

The engine of our various businesses including social innovation is not only driven by Hitachi’s efforts to build a relationship with communities as a corporate citizen but also by our employees’ flexible mindset and motivation brought about by volunteer activities. We believe that these initiatives enable us to contribute to the development of sustainability in both our business and society as a whole.

Policy on social contribution activities

The Hitachi Group promotes interactive communication with local society through social contribution activities related to business activities, employee volunteers and charitable activities in the key fields of human development, environment and community support.


“Nurturing People, Connecting to the Future”
The statement was set down to succinctly express and convey the meaning of the policy to as many people as possible.

FY 2016 Breakdown of Funding for Social Contribution Activities

In fiscal 2016, the social contribution expenditure of the Hitachi Group and The Hitachi Global Foundation totaled 1,953 million yen.

In fiscal 2015, the social contribution expenditure totaled approximately 2,057 million yen. Social welfare 7%, scholarships and education 41%, cultuer and the arts 14%, the enviroment 5%, others 33% including disaster relief ar 3%.

Japan: Hitachi, Ltd., 134 Group companies, and the Hitachi Global Foundation.
Outside Japan: 159 Group companies.